JAM: MS Paint Jam 2k17 (Part 2)

What a week.

My kiddo was sick, I had a huge list of things to do for my “big boy” job, and Destiny 2 came out. Work has been… slow, to say the least. I actually thought to myself that I should probably just call it quits.

But that’s how you end up never making a game.

Someone once told me that the only way it counts as “making a game,” that project has to be released to the public in some complete form, otherwise all you’re doing is playing around. And life gets in the way sometimes as an indie developer–especially when your office is literally in the middle of the dining room!

But you’ll never make a game if you don’t find ways to work around that stuff, or find a way to keep working after the excitement has died down. I would argue that it’s the hardest part of developing any sort of long-term creative project. So, that’s why my nose is to the grindstone tonight–not crunch time, exactly, but compressed enough to feel the pressure.

Anyway, I *have* made a playable build of the game. Granted, it is only one of four planned areas, the boss isn’t active, and there is literally no bells and whistles. Just walls, doors, and random encounters with a single enemy.

And a helpful purple squiggle that sells you potions!

This is really more of a proof of concept build for the tileset and character style I decided to work with. Going with my theme of “chaos vs. order,” you play as a squiggle of pure color fighting their way through a mysterious office building dungeon filled with rigid geometric shapes.

Yes, this is also because I am garbage at graphic art. 
No, I am not ashamed.

The current plan is to have each party member unlock as you complete areas as well as have the areas change color after the boss is defeated. I think I have the basic plan figured out as to how to implement this and want to have at least one of the areas configured by this time next week.

So, next week’s goals:

  • Finish mapping
  • Create all Boss monsters
  • Create and add 10 normal monsters
  • Create equipment for the characters

In case you missed it at the top of the post, here is the current build of the game. It’s currently untitled, so why don’t you guys shoot me some ideas in the comments? That would be super rad of you.

Until next time!