About Us

If you have stumbled into our little neck of the woods before January 2017, you may be noticing… well… nothing at all.  We are in a transitioning phase and preparing for fresh start here on our own website.  If you are familiar at all with the Drunken Zombie Podcasting network you will probably recognize a few of the personalities we have floating around here.  Feel free to subscribe to our SoundCloud feed to be one of the first to hear our all new shows.  Our current line-up is set to include the following (titles may be subject to change):

The Dead in Decatur Podcast (or as we like to call it The DiDcast!) – Step in for a chaotic look into a grab bag of topics and reviews.  Typically we review one newer movie and an older movie; although, this varies.  Then we pontificate loudly about comic books and any other topic that pops into our head.

The Domestication of the Dead – Yes we’ve all grown old and become tied down in the age old tradition of love, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it.  We abuse the brains of our beloved partners with the horrid shlock we love and in turn are subjected to the horrors of chick flicks and children’s movies.  What you end up is a fascinating opposing view of a film you might not get otherwise.

Plebeian Rhapsody – Take a ride to the bottom of the barrel with Noah (Murf) Tipton as he digs into piles of artistic garbage to bring you the finest in cinema refuse.  Proving once and for all that you can’t polish a turd but that doesn’t matter to a dung beetle.

Also, we have a little film festival for your viewing pleasure! Follow the link for more details!