Spoiler Warning Episode 1

In the first episode of Spoiler Warning our intrepid host WriterMonkey (and his guest SB10K) decide to discuss, dissect, and describe in detail their thoughts on Persona 5!

Please let us know what you think of the new show!

Just Watch It Already Episode 13


Our humble (by design) host SB10K does some tinkering and then goes off to Camp Crystal Lake for a bit of relaxation. Hopefully nothing goes wrong. After all according to the hobo that lives in the pantry “it’s got a DEATH curse…”

This episode it’s the original Friday the 13th.

Special credit for this episode goes to TeknoAXE for the music that came pouring out of SB10K’s cobbled together machine. Check them out because quite frankly they’re amazing. The track used in this episode and hopefully from now on was “Cool Catz.”

Just Watch It Already Episode 12


In this episode of Just Watch Already gets into the Halloween Spirit (largely against his will) and takes a look at the Tim Burton classic Edward Scissorhands! Will he find it to be a clever little gem or will he cut it apart?

Get it…cut? It’s…you know…a joke…


The Dead Cast Episode 2


On this episode of the DeadCast the gang review the film Innerspace, bicker about Persona 5, talk Defenders and spin their ideas for the best Netflix Marvel show ever!

Many agreements to disagree are formed and a whole slew of monkey on squirrel violence is narrowly averted!

Just Watch It Already Episode 10

In this episode of Just Watch It Already SB10K and the Fat Kid pick through the blasted ruins of black and white Tokyo as they review 1956’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

(This JWA is dedicated to Haruo Nakajima, you were a man of many monsters and the world was lucky to have you in it.)

The YouTube Roundup! 8/15/17

Hey guys and gals, WriterMonkey here!

So, a little over a month ago we launched the Dead in Decatur YouTube Channel and, due to a little oversight by yours truly, never even made mention of it on the website! (Go me!) I’m going to fix that right now in a semi-regular segment to let you know what you’ve missed: The YouTube Round-Up!

WriterMonkey Streams:

I’ve been streaming games every Wednesday at 12pm CST and would love for you to join me! If you can’t join in because of work, school, fending off a zombie horde, or nap time, don’t fret: the entire show is recorded and put up on YouTube the same day for your enjoyment.

Right now, I’m working my way through Destiny in anticipation of Destiny 2 coming out this September. Here’s the playlist of what you’ve missed so far.

Thursday Thunderdome

Another WriterMonkey show, Thursday Thunderdome has me playing online multiplayer games and trying not to be terrible. There’s a variety of games on the docket, so maybe something will tickle your fancy:

Destiny 2 Hype Stream

Yeah, I’m a bit of a fan of Destiny and am looking forward to Destiny 2. Sue me. But also join me and SB10K as we take a look at the first story mission (and maybe get sidetracked by Mass Effect):

That’s all for the YouTube Round-up today! We do have some more shows coming down the pipeline, so be sure to subscribe to Dead in Decatur on YouTube for regular updates!

The Dead Cast Episode 1


Here’s a new one for all of you! This time it’s the WriterMonkey, the SB10K and RockLob going over not only the fantastic indie horror movie The Void but the recent movie trailers shown at Comic-Con.

Come listen in and see what you think of what will be our regular “tentpole” podcast!