The Dead Cast Episode 1


Here’s a new one for all of you! This time it’s the WriterMonkey, the SB10K and RockLob going over not only the fantastic indie horror movie The Void but the recent movie trailers shown at Comic-Con.

Come listen in and see what you think of what will be our regular “tentpole” podcast!

Just Watch It Already Episode 9

In this episode the SB10K checks out 1979’s Phantasm and finds himself in a world of Tall Men, Floating Spheres and Evil Undead Dwarves.

He’s less than enthusiastic about it.


Speaking With The Dead Episode 1

In the very first episode of Speaking With The Dead SB10K has brought the creator and lead artist of Xeno Guardian Red Visor Go (an independent sentai style comic that you should go pick up immediately) as well as one of the hosts of the SodaPopComicsCast (which you should all go listen to) into the lab.

A long interview consisting of comics talk, inspirations, pop references and so very much Digimon ensues.

Just Watch It Already Episode 8

Come join our newest member the SB10K as he goes sailing down the river into the Heart of Darkness. This episode it’s the Francis Ford Coppola classic Apocalypse Now.

Great News At Dead In Decatur

After a day filled with momentary mourning, discussions over proper tools and more squirrel bites and electrical burns than we care to admit we at the Dead In Decatur team are proud to announce our newest member!

Tragedy At Dead In Decatur

It is with a heavy heart that we at Dead In Decatur must announce a great loss. The following is a clipping taken from a local newspaper.

This of course is a terrible tragedy…all of that potential podcasting content wasted. In light of this we at DiD must announce the immediate cancellation of “Just Look At It In the Near Future” and the “Chop Shop.” We are aware that this will be a mild inconvenience to his five or six listeners and we will do everything in our power to ensure quality content like “Just View It Sometime” going forward.

Just Watch It Already Episode 7

Holy Extremely Late Episode Batman!

This week in a very special Just Watch It Already the New Guy brings in some backup in the form of his crustacean compatriot Rock Lobster Johnson to take a look at the camp masterpiece that is the 1966 Batman film starring the late and very great Adam West.

(Warning, Mr. Johnson is a salty fellow and as such this episode is a bit cruder than the usual. You have been warned and thank you very much for listening!)

Heroicon 2017 Gameplay – Snake Oil!

Murf, WriterMonkey, and an extremely bearded newcomer we kidnapped named Jesse play a rousing game of Snake Oil at Heroicon. In the cuthroat world of door-to-door scams*… err, sales, only one can be victorious!

Editor’s note: No angels were harmed in the recording of this episode

The Chop Shop Episode 1- 04/26/2017

In the first real episode of the Chop Shop the Fat Kid and the New Guy talk about Superstar Shakeups, Lucha Underground, and Shawn Michaels vs the Undertaker Bad Blood (1997).

Giggles will be had about midair blading and Dario Dollars. Sexism will be laughed at. Come have a look and be sure to leave any feedback at either or