The Chop Shop Episode 1- 04/26/2017

In the first real episode of the Chop Shop the Fat Kid and the New Guy talk about Superstar Shakeups, Lucha Underground, and Shawn Michaels vs the Undertaker Bad Blood (1997).

Giggles will be had about midair blading and Dario Dollars. Sexism will be laughed at. Come have a look and be sure to leave any feedback at either or

Just Watch It Already Episode 5

In this episode of Just Watch It Already the New Guy takes to the streets of 1937 Los Angeles to review 1974’s “Chinatown.” Spoilers abound but never fear for the New Guy is looking out for you on this one! Drop any feedback at either or

Dolphinman Battles the Sex Lobsters!

“You thought crabs were bad?! Lobsters are worse!”

We are happy (and a wee bit excited) to announce our first ever submission from the illustrious Troma Entertainment!

Dolphinman Battles the Sex Lobsters  is a short film written and directed by John P. Brennan, best known for his work in the Kabukiman series. As for the film… we’ll let IMDB do the talking. Trailer after the jump!

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Dead in Decatur Film Festival Kickstarter is LIVE!

After bottling enough lightning from the storms we had this weekend in Decatur, we were finally able to bring our 2017 Film Festival Kickstarter TO LIFE!

The Dead in Decatur International Film Festival’s goal is to provide a unique experience for fans of Horror, Sci-Fi, Comic Book, and Fantasy films in our community. It is our hope to help promote local film-making as well as other forms of audio and visual art on October 13-14

We are partnered with Heroic Age Art Center, who will be hosting their annual October Art of Fearevent. This event will launch Saturday, October 14 and will be going on along side our festival.

You can find us at our homepage (hey, good job, you made it!) or on Facebook for more news and podcast goodness.

Are you an independent film maker with a short or feature that you want to get out into the world? Submit your films here!

Just Watch It Already Episode 4

This week the New Guy blasts off into a really weird 80’s portion of space when he sits down and Just Watches Flash Gordon Already. Come have a listen and drop any feedback at either or

NEWS ALERT! Dead in Decatur has Moved to SoundCloud!

As of today, the Dead in Decatur podcast family has moved to SoundCloud! What does this mean for you, visitors of the site? Honestly, not much. BUT! If you have the SoundCloud App, you can subscribe to all of our shows in one easy-to-use place!

To all our Libsyn listeners that may have subscribed to our RSS feed, please click here and hit that follow button! Thanks to all of our listeners for their continued support!

The Chop Shop Episode 0.5 – Wrestlemania 33

In their very first episode of The Chop Shop the Fat Kid and the New Guy fight through the haze caused by their arduous journey up the eight hour ramp-like trek that was Wrestlemania 33!

Ramps will be laughed at! Surprises will be uncovered! Soul transfers will be described in intimate detail!

Give this a listen and beware if you haven’t seen Wrestlemania 33 as spoilers will abound!